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MicroRNA Journal Articles

Under Construction (pardon unedited ramblings): 

So here’s what I’d like to do: create a page on my website with a comprehensive list of journal articles on microRNA with links to my reviews, professional reviews, and the actual article.  The main purpose will be for me to easily access articles for reference.  Side benefits will be that I will read the articles as I compile, thus, hopefully learning something, and others to reference as well.  Eventually I would like to move this page to my website as a separate entity from the blog, but for now this will do.  Once on my own page I can make it searchable by various identifiers, like date, subject, etc.  For now I’ll list by date; most recent first.  Institutions are listed in order of the author listings for now. Here we go….

Date:  17 February 2007
Title:  Dcr-1 Maintains Drosophila Ovarian Stem Cells
Journal:  Current Biology
Issue: 10.1016/j.cub.2007.01.050
Authors:  Zhigang Jin and Ting Xie
Institutions:  Stowers Institute for Medical Research (Missouri), Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology (U. of Kansas) 
Key subjects:
Links:  full text article, my review, professional review

Key subjects:
Links:  article, my review, professional review



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