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Pictures from UW October 26, 2006

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Below are photos I took at the University of Washington today.  Click on a photo to see a larger view. 








Major Decision October 21, 2006

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I declared my major!!!!  Yippee!!eleventy-one  I have gone with a basic mathematics major.  After way too much thought and years of pursuing the applied math route I jumped ship at the last minute.  Here are my reasons:

1) Time considerations.  Only 40 credits left this way, vs. like, 90 the other.  As I get a year older every year without a bachelor’s degree, I think I should just get on with it.  I should have been much farther along with the other degree by now if I were to do it, but I kept getting sick and having to drop courses.  The university was harassing me to declare. 

2)  Chemistry makes me sick!  Literally!  That chemistry building at my university has terrible ventilation.  The first quarter I kept having to leave the lab every few minutes so I wouldn’t pass out and the second quarter I would get an awful migraine followed by sinus infection every-time I entered the lab.  Maybe there’s some way around all of this, but I’m not up for a battle with the university at this point.  I’m just ready to move on to the next stage of my life; happy to be well.

3)  Math is fun!  This is actually something that was deterring me from doing a pure math degree before.  I felt like I’d be taking the easy way out, but as my cousin reminded me, what’s easy for me is really challenging for a lot of people.  Maybe I spend too much time hanging out with math geeks. 

Chixor May 26, 2006

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Interesting conversations going on out there about women in blogging and the tech/science world in general.  Scobleizer looks at why he thinks there aren't many A-list [tech] bloggers and over at Adventures in Ethics and Science, Janet explores if women maybe avoid science because they are less likely to embrace the "nerd" culture.  (Thanks to Tara at Aetiology for pointing to that post.)  I've said plenty in my comments on Scoble's blog, so I'll just add one more thing here:  Just because we have good hygiene and fashion sense, doesn't mean we aren't interested in writing some mean code! 

Boring until further notice May 8, 2006

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I've had to switch my theme back to the default.  This makes me sad.  
😦  I really liked my first theme called "Fauna," but since it was a beta it was making it difficult to use WordPress features.  Once I am better at this, I'll switch it back or make my own.  This should only take a few years. 

On a positive note, switching back to the default fixed my blogroll issue.  Let the linking begin!

Linky May 4, 2006

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I've imported my bookmarks to get the blogroll going, but for some reason they're not showing up.  If you know a WordPress quick fix before I figure it out, please write a comment and clue me in.  Anyway, check back in a few days when they're up and put up a post if you don't see yours and you think it should be on there.  I'd especially like to get all the Divas Book Club members' blogs up, friends' blogs, and links to blogs with similar subjects.

I have so much news I want to post about that I've been saving up over the past month(s), so I can't wait to have all the hosting issues sorted out.  Shouldn't be long now!

Post Number One! May 3, 2006

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Welcome to Ribonucleoblog – the fun place to chat about science news, noncoding RNA, and my current fascination: microRNA.  While I work (occasionally) in a evolutionary/population genetics lab, I hope to keep this an upbeat place to talk about new ideas, not rehash the same age-old evolutionary vs. creationism arguments.  I am a mere undergraduate researcher, so please correct me if I get my facts incorrect and drop me a line if I've missed important news in the advancement of microRNA research.  

I'd like to thank my friends Maryam and Robert Scoble who helped get me on my way to blogging.  With his book Naked Conversations (shameless plug), Robert motivated me to start a blog in my field and with Maryam's practical advice it has happened (now you can finally link to me, Maryam!).   

Thanks for visiting!