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The end is near September 3, 2007

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No, I have not subscribed to a new apocalyptic cult, I have applied for graduation!  Assuming I can complete six more classes in the next nine months, I will graduate in June.  It’s been a long road, so it feels great to know I won’t be an undergrad all my life. 

The reason I haven’t been blogging here lately is not for lack of things to talk about, but because I’ve had way too much going on.  I went to North Carolina for a workshop at the Statistics and Applied Math Sciences Institute, received a scholarship to participate in the Summer Institute in Statistical Genetics in Seattle and received a grant from NASA to continue my microRNA research this summer.  These were all fantastic opportunities and I need to do some reflective blogging on them before I forget everything. 


Zuma360: New Zuma Game Blog October 28, 2006

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I set up a separate weblog for my Zuma (the Xbox game) rantings.  It has opinions, tips, and goings-on from the Zuma world.  Check it out!

I’m Back September 29, 2006

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Gosh… I didn’t realize while I was away [from the computer] for the summer that so many people would stop by.  I feel bad for not reading and responding to your posts… I will do so tomorrow.  In the mean time check out this movie review site from Ben.  I will try in the future to post notices before I go on break.  Tsk, tsk to my etiquette.

I have learned heaps this summer and look forward to sharing it with you all.  I just started an adv. multi-variable calculus class.  I was so thrilled to be in math class – it made me feel like a huge dork, but I’m a math geek and haven’t had a math class in a long time, so it’s way overdue (statistics doesn’t count).  Like being home again.      

I am going to try to find my camera battery charger, so I can post pictures from my garden and worm bin set-up.  I have the coolest postage-stamp garden.  That was one of my summer projects. 

How were your summers? 

Welcome aboard, Nancy! May 25, 2006

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My friend and fellow bookworm, Nancy Folsom, has started a blog.  I look forward to seeing bare her technical side as she blogs about programming, geeky technical stuff, and business.  From one newcomer to the next, welcome!