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I am an undergraduate studying applied math and genetics in the Pacific Northwest.  My main research interest is the evolution of microRNA. 

Although I have two supermodel kitties and a fabulous husband, I will endeavour to keep this a sciencey blog and not vent about my personal life or post too many cat photos.  (For the record though, their names are Asia and Neo and they’re gorgeous bengals).

I look forward to hearing from you,



1. Julie Valdez - August 21, 2006

I want to know your score on Zuma. I play it all the time to a fault. I am soon to be 49 and love the game. My kids make fun of me, but it is a relaxer for me after a long day at work and home duties. I think it is so cool that other women are playing it. I thought I was such an odd ball.

2. Sacha - September 30, 2006

Hi Julie,

I find this game extremely popular with my girlfriends. I enjoy it for the same reason as you, but my husband says it’s because women love breaking balls and getting bling. : ) I was at #3 with 2996690 points (under my husband’s profile), but these days all that score gets me is #8. I don’t have a chance to play during the summer – there’s too much fun stuff to do in Washington during the warm months – but hopefully I can move back up a few spots this winter.

#49 now is 2488990 points. That’s an incredible score. Have you moved up or down since August? I’ve been thinking of starting a separate blog for Zuma folks. I’d be willing to swap Zuma tips. I’d also like to know who else is in the top ten – if it’s other adult women or mostly kids and men. Then again, do I really need two blogs to neglect?


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