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Rare Piebald Deer on Orcas Island (Washington State) September 4, 2007

Posted by Sacha in Genetics, News, Science.

I had the good furtune to see a piebald deer while visiting the Spring Bay Inn on Orcas Island in Washington state a few weeks ago.  Isn’t it pretty?


My father-in-law, a geneticist, says it is not a result of inbreeding, as one fellow inn guest had told me, but simply a genetic difference.  I am having trouble finding reliable information on this variation.  Does anyone have a scientifically sound source of information about it?



1. Bridget - September 28, 2007

My boyfriend saw a piebald deer yesterday in Williamstown, VT and I was doing a search for the genetics behind it and found your site. I’m also having trouble finding reliable information on this. My guess is mosaicism but that’s just the guess of someone’s whose only taken a few genetics courses. Did your father-in-law have a theory?

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