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Straight from the Nucleus: miR-29b January 13, 2007

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Another paper on microRNA.  This one is about miR-29 was published in Science‘s Jan. 5, 2007 edition.  It’s titled “A Hexanucleotide Element Directs MicroRNA Nuclear Import.” 

This is basically a note to myself to read it later.  


Christmas Sudoku Solution January 13, 2007

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Here’s the solution to the sudoku puzzle I posted last month: 

C  H  R  I  *  T  M  A  S
A  *  M  C  H  S  R  I  T
S  I  T  R  A  M  C  *  H
H  C  I  S  M  R  *  T  A
T  R  A  *  C  I  H  S  M
*  M  S  H  T  A  I  C  R
I  A  C  M  S  H  T  R  *
R  T  H  A  I  *  S  M  C
M  S  *  T  R  C  A  H  I

Now I’m off to find a new puzzle for January.  Any suggestions for places to find interesting puzzles?

2 miRs and Cancer January 13, 2007

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During all this kurfuffle of winter storms and sick kitties I failed to update you on an important microRNA breakthrough.  At Ohio State University, Yuri Pekarsky’s team has found two microRNA (miRs) that regulate the most common human leukemia:  B-cell chronic lymphocytic, or just B-CLL for short.  These two microRNA are miR-29 and miR-181. 

microRNA can function as reverse regulators of disease.  So, when certain microRNA have low levels of expression, their targets genes are not surpressed and aggressive cancer can result.  What the researchers found was that there was an inverse relationship between expression levels of miR-29 and miR-181 and Tcl1, the ocncogene associated with B-CLL. 

The Ohio State team’s paper was titled “Tcl1 Expression in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Is Regulated by miR-29 and miR-181″ and published in the December 15, 2006 edition of Cancer Research.  According to the paper, “Because miR-29 and miR-181 are natural Tcl1 inhibitors, these miRs may be candidates for therapeutic agents in B-CLL-overexpressing Tcl1. ” 

To read the original paper click here.  To read an excellent, non-technical summary from the American Association for Cancer Research click here

Another Storm for Seattle January 13, 2007

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Seattle was hit on Wednesday with another massive storm.  This one poured a few inches of snow in under an hour and has topped it off with days of freezing temperatures not expected to lift until next Tuesday.  The bad news:  University of Washington Seattle decided to keep classes open on Thursday when the roads were all ice and snow.  The good news:  The power stayed on!  

I believe it was poor judgment to keep classes going during the storm.  More on this later…