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Pictures from Storm Damage December 22, 2006

Posted by Sacha in News.

As promised, here are some pictures taken in Redmond during the blackout.  I think this is day four, December 18th.  These pictures are by far not the worst damage in Redmond, but they were what I saw driving around one day.  All pictures were taken from the warmth of my car, so they’re not the best angles, but you get the idea.  The first two are of a large tree that fell across an intersection.  The first is the top of the tree and the second the bottom.  Being a few days after the storm, there is not much left of the tree.  People needing wood have already taken most of it for their fireplaces. 



This next pictures is of an intersection.  In Redmond the intersections marked with stop signs, but just a few miles up the road in Woodinville there weren’t even stop signs and the road was extremely dark and curvey.   


Life is returning to normal slowly for me, although many of my friends are still without power.  As of last night, Woodinville-Duvall road was still closed between 182nd and Avondale.  After this post I should return to our regularly scheduled science blogging.   

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