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Power, Heat, and All Things Civilized December 19, 2006

Posted by Sacha in News.

When I woke up this morning I was still cuddled under my down comforter and loads of blankets when I started scheming places to take a shower.  A local gym?  A friend’s house?  I hadn’t yet decided when I braved the cold to use the toilet.  I walked into the bathroom and something wasn’t right.  There was light – and I don’t mean a flashlight or fire.  It took me a second in my sleepy state to realize the ramifications of this.  Power.  Heat.  Hot Water.  It was like ten Christmases rolled into one.  What was the first thing I did?  Took a long, hot shower, safe in the knowledge I would be able to dry my hair with a hair dryer when I got out. 

So there it is:  showers rate over blogging.  And I call myself a geek.  Shameful. 

Next weekend my husband and I will be putting together a disaster preparedness kit.  I have learned many lessons in disaster preparedness throughout this time that I will take into consideration:

Geeks need to fuel their minds as well as their bodies.  Disaster kits should include book lights, books, puzzle books, handheld gaming devices, and laptop batteries. 

  1. Have a backup water supply for your backup water supply.  I figured I’d be fine with water in an emergency, but I had just run out of bottled water when the storm hit.  We were lucky the water mains didn’t break.
  2. Even in an emergency we’re still food snobs.  Food needs to be balanced nutritionally, tasty, and not needing prep.  I have food in the house to keep us for a few weeks, but it’s dry grains, granola bars, and such.  The more you can keep regular activities and feel normal, the better you can handle these situations mentally.  Proper nutrition is key to keeping you sane.  I have also been meaning to pick up a single gas burner for cutting cheesecake and cooking bananas foster at the table.  That would have come in handy this week for survival cooking. 
  3. Batteries suck.  Rechargeable batteries suck even more.  I learned on the radio this week about wind-up flashlights.  I’ll be getting two of those. 
  4. Candles are reliable.  This is one area where I did very well.  We had a huge stockpile of tea lights, 2 lighters, and some matches.  It was nice not to have to worry about this.  [Note to self:  buy more lighters and matches to replace those used.]
  5. Include a small battery powered radio and TV in your kit.  It’s hard to know what’s going on out there without one.

That’s all I can think of now.  I’m sure more will come to mind over the next few days.  Now it’s off to take care of the damage.  The freezer leaked and damaged the floorboards.  We have to finish cleaning the rotten food out of the refrigerator (we did the freezer already).  There are tons of dishes and dirty clothes to do.  The list goes on. 

I’ll post pictures of the damage in my neighborhood later.  Before I go I would like to mention the resources that were there for us in the storm.  The great folks at KIRO 710 AM Radio kept constant updates and interviews with energy company spokespeople and local leaders.  Whole Foods in
Bellevue was one of the only grocery stores open on the Eastside for days.  They kept us well-fed and were friendly faces in the midst of disaster.   

The single greatest lesson I will take away from all of this is to take more candlelight showers.  There’s nothing like them.  Especially with hot water. 



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