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Major Decision October 21, 2006

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I declared my major!!!!  Yippee!!eleventy-one  I have gone with a basic mathematics major.  After way too much thought and years of pursuing the applied math route I jumped ship at the last minute.  Here are my reasons:

1) Time considerations.  Only 40 credits left this way, vs. like, 90 the other.  As I get a year older every year without a bachelor’s degree, I think I should just get on with it.  I should have been much farther along with the other degree by now if I were to do it, but I kept getting sick and having to drop courses.  The university was harassing me to declare. 

2)  Chemistry makes me sick!  Literally!  That chemistry building at my university has terrible ventilation.  The first quarter I kept having to leave the lab every few minutes so I wouldn’t pass out and the second quarter I would get an awful migraine followed by sinus infection every-time I entered the lab.  Maybe there’s some way around all of this, but I’m not up for a battle with the university at this point.  I’m just ready to move on to the next stage of my life; happy to be well.

3)  Math is fun!  This is actually something that was deterring me from doing a pure math degree before.  I felt like I’d be taking the easy way out, but as my cousin reminded me, what’s easy for me is really challenging for a lot of people.  Maybe I spend too much time hanging out with math geeks. 

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