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Math Puzzle of the Month October 7, 2006

Posted by Sacha in Mathematics.

Here is a fun puzzle that I hope math geeks and non-math geeks can both enjoy.  It is a Crytarithm, which, according to the math department at UW (where I stole this from) explains: 

“A crytarithm is a math puzzle where every letter stands for a digit.  Distinct letters stand for distinct digits.”

Here are the letters:


I just finished solving it this evening.  I’ll post my solution after Monday.  This puzzle is being used by the math dept for their challenge of the week, so I wouldn’t want to spoil it for anyone, but after Monday I’d love to see anyone else’s method.  I’m wonder if there is a more efficient way to solve it than what I did (as I suspect there is).

I think it would be fun to post a different puzzle every month, so hopefully I will keep this up. 

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