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IT Goddesses Heat up the Tech World July 18, 2006

Posted by Sacha in News, Technology.

Australian techie Sonja Bernhardt has put out a smoking hot calendar, Screen Goddess.  It features female IT professionals posing as popular and classic movie stars.  Sonja stars in the controversial American Beauty shot.  The calendar’s website held up against an attack to take it down over the weekend (Sydney Morning Herald article about attack here).  I think the calendar looks great.  Well done ladies!  All proceeds are going to support organizations promoting careers in IT for women and girls. 

Excerpt from their website:

We’re doing this to:

  • Smash through the perception of the geeky technologist
  • Generate media sensation to put a spotlight in the industry and increase national interest and awareness
  • Raise awareness of the diversity of Women in IT
  • Raise money for non profit groups that run initiatives to encourage females to take up technology studies and to enter technology careers
  • Promote organisations and companies involved in and supporting IT, through sponsorship/promotional opportunities on each page of the calendar.



1. Sonja Bernhardt - July 21, 2006

WOW what a personal and professional pleasure finding this comment on a genetics site. We’re hoping that funds will assist us to also promote nanotechnology and biotechnology studies and careers as well. THANKS:-)

2. Sacha - July 25, 2006


Thanks for visiting my humble site! Keep up the good work!


3. Sonja Bernhardt - August 17, 2006

hello remember us the calendar back in July well proving it’s a multi dimensional initaitive: Quick note: screen goddess IT calendar announced geek tech competitions – where placed and hidden technology are in each calendar image. more info on: http://itgoddess.info/competitions.htm

also goddess screen saver version now available….https://www.itgoddess.info/orders/

move beyond the flash “american beauty” cover and get into “Inspect for Gadgets” or “LaMarr Code” competitions.

4. Mehul Patel - August 18, 2006

This is a whole new approach and totally rocking, the creativity and quality of the Calendar is very high and now if they make even 100 more but this one is the first, thats kool! Pirelli calendars outdated already?! 🙂

Mehul Patel
KIPL.Net – Digital Services
URL: http://www.KIPL.Net

http://www.mozomo.com – Coming soon to a WAP Browser near you 🙂

‘e–magination is more important then knowledge’

5. Lavinia - August 25, 2006

Thumbs up for this blog! And thumbs up, too, for the calender. Did you pose and blow the men’s minds away? Oaky, all for a good cause.

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