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the BBQ… and something about programming… July 4, 2006

Posted by Sacha in Programming, Social.

So, umm… it’s been a while, but here I am.  It’s just been too beautiful out to blog lately (and not to mention busy as hell).  I went to Maryam and Robert Scoble’s going away/birthday party yesterday.  (Maryam started our fabulous book/movie club).  It was a great party as usual with Maryam as the host, but I’m going to miss them terribly.  On the bright side, we now have another reason to visit Cali. 🙂

I’ll save you all the gory geeky details of the party, but I just have to say I have a lot more in common with the 5-12 year old crowd than I realized.  We’d all rather be sitting around playing Zuma than socializing.  (Robert’s currently in the top 30 thanks to me).  It was fun being one of the kids for a couple hours.  Only when boys play at the Scoble residence will the Superman and Channel 9 guy toys face off and the Channel 9 guy win.  True story.

Well, I’m off to learn some C#.  My husband’s been bugging me to start writing my code in C# for ages.  Always good to have some flexibility I suppose.  Any programming biologists out there?  What do you use?  Why?

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