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The Research Proposal May 18, 2006

Posted by Sacha in Research.

Where have I been????  I was so excited to finally have a blog and I have so many things I want to post, but finding the time lately has not been easy.  Besides trying to get over my worst sinus infection yet, I was writing my very first research proposal. 

From an undergraduate perspective this is both harder and easier than it sounds.  It is more difficult because I'm trying to explain computational genetics concepts and techniques that are extremely new to me, without having a single genetics class under my belt (into biology courses don't count).  It is easier in some ways than more advanced researchers deal with, because I have the help of my research advisor and hopefully, those on the committee understand that I'm still learning and they only ask for a mere 3000 words. 

The strangest thing to me was the organization of the paper.  I was really good at writing essays for English teachers, but with research papers/proposals you get to have headings, lists of hypotheses, and even figures (fancy!).  I think this is actually much easier to read than the traditional essay.  It's very easy to get the point across.  English teachers probably consider it cheating.   

I was surprised at the number of applicants for this particular research award, since it is specifically for undergraduates at my university who have completed at least three quarters of research already.  I don't know hardly any other undergraduate researchers, besides the few I met through my fellowship last summer.  Did any of you do undergraduate research (science or other fields)?          

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