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Mouse miR155 May 6, 2006

Posted by Sacha in microRNA.

Here is an excellent example of just how vital microRNAs can be.  According to the lay article on Ohio State University's website, "Scientists in the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center say that just one, single, malfunctioning microRNA is sufficient to cause cancer in mice."  This microRNA is mouse miR155.

It loks like what they did was create transgenic mice with miR155 and an enhancer, to promote expression.  The mice developed enlarged spleens at 3 weeks of age.  The spleens were enlarged with immature B cells, a hallmark of some leukemia and lymphoma.  

The research was reported in PNAS on April 25, 2006 titled: "Pre-B cell proliferation and lymphoblastic leukemia/high-grade lymphoma in Emu-miR155 transgenic mice" with authors Stefan Costinean, Nicola Zanesi, Yuri Pekarsky, Esmerina Tili, Stefano Volinia, Nyla Heerema, and Carlo M. Croce at the Comprehensive Cancer Center, Ohio State University.



1. Bob - December 27, 2006

Croce is brilliant, but you can’t trust him.

2. Geetha - September 4, 2008

Really,who can be trusted…we all think scientists are honest..don’t we?

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